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What are the duties of a coach?
Posted by on 02 August 2011 01:03 PM

Head Coach Duties and Responsibilities Include:

Planning Practices: The coach works to plan each practice session before the players arrive so that the athletes can learn new skills or improve on skills they already know. Knowing what skills are needed, knowing how to teach those skills and knowing how to work with each athlete is vital when planning practices, as each athlete is different. Athletic differences and abilities vary from individual to individual and it is important to plan for these differences to ensure the best experience for each athlete.

Conducting practices: This job requires the ability to maintain a high level of undivided attention from the athletes. Ensuring that every athlete is participating during warm-up and practice. While conducting practices, communicating in a manner that is engaging and appropriate is vital in sustaining a high-level of performance and a positive attitude from athletes.  

Facilitating competitions: First and foremost, the coach must assist in making sure athletes get to their competitions safely.  Filling out registration forms, getting transportation to the competition, making sure the team gets to the gym or field on time and providing support throughout the competition. Some coaches have an assistant that does the paper work so the coach can focus on making sure athletes are ready to compete. Special Olympics coaches are required to have completed the National Coaching Certification Program Special Olympics Canada Community or Competition Coach technical course within one year of becoming a coach. The course focuses on Special Olympics in Canada, explains various types of intellectual disabilities, suggests different program plans and ways to plan a program, task analysis, behavior management and includes a hands-on gym component. Volunteers are given the opportunity to attend courses throughout the year as well.

Risk Management: Special Olympics recognizes that it provides service to a vulnerable population. Therefore all volunteers must participate in a placement process, which involves character reference checks and a Police Record Check.

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