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How do I arrange to have a Special Olympics NCCP Community/Competive Courses in my area?
Posted by on 23 May 2012 10:06 AM

The SOC-NCCP Program delivery in Ontario has gone through some transition. We have moved from a “Community on Demand” model to a provincially driven  model that serves the needs of a majority of coaches from around the province. This does mean that coaches may have to drive to an NCCP outside of their community. We simply can no longer sustain a 'Community On Demand Model'. Our calendar is now planned a year in advance to allow coaches to make arrangements to attend courses and to better utilize our resources.

While we are in our first official year of this change and there is some refinement to be done. We are working towards making the programs as accessible as possible to ALL of our volunteers. The reality is that, course offerings have to be considered across the entire province and within resource constraints. 

For requests for NCCP courses for the following year please contact Dia Sue-Wah-Sing, our Sports and Coach Education Developer at 1-88-333-5515/416-447-8326 ext 234 or by email at

For further information on the National Coaching Certification Program, click on the link below:

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