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Posted by Nina Sljivo on 30 July 2013 11:42 AM

Twitter, another popular social media platform, allows users to post "micro-blogs" of 140 characters or less. Many organizations promote sales, customer loyalty and new products through their account. Events and initiatives are also promoted on Twitter. Twitter is very effective as it reaches a variety of audiences. Consistency is the key to a successful Twitter promotion.  Twitter is only effective if tweets are regular and informative. The hash tag, “#”, is key to successful Twitter communications. Make sure the hash tag is appropriate and fits with the content. For example, if you were promoting a specific event, you can say #(specific event).  Encourage your friends and family to follow your organization’s Twitter. It is also effective to re-tweet the organization’s official tweets on your personal account.

Here is the link to Special Olympics Ontario’s official Twitter account:

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